Pumpkin Cottage Workshop: Two sessions of about 2 hours each will be scheduled a week apart. Cost for both sessions is $40.00. You do not need to bring anything. No experience is required.  Ages 18 and up only.

Cottages are made from wet clay, will go through two firings in the kiln, and will end up after firings with a 5 ½ inch diameter and 8 ½ inch height. 

We will take a  minimum of three and maximum of six participants for this workshop. See below for workshop scheduling information.

First session: make a clay Pumpkin Cottage from pre-rolled slabs of wet clay.  

In the first session, you will build your Cottage, adding doors, windows, trim and landscaping. All assembly must be finished in this first session.

The Cottages will dry for several days and then be fired in the kiln for the first time. At the second session, you will return to choose colors and glaze your Cottage.

The glazed Cottages then are fired once more. They will be ready to pick up approximately one week after the glazing session.

We suggest that you look over the images on this page and at the tools on this additional page to get some idea of the types of doors and windows you can create, or look for an image online and sketch the ideas you would like to add to your Cottage!

Please use the link below to contact us about the Workshop.