Welcome to The Bramble Bush, the Pottery's stop on the Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Trail. We have pictures of our fairy folk and buildings, all made by the potters at Turning Clay, including Dottie, Debbie, Sarah, and Dick. It would be great if you would write us and let us know if you liked  the Bramble Bush and what your favorite character or building was. Also . . .

Our little people need names and stories, and you can help create them. You can write us on paper and bring it to the mailbox at the Brownsburg Library, or your can post a picture on The Fairy Trail Facebook Page. You can also write to us or to the Enchanted Trail directly; click on the buttons at the bottom of the page.

We hope you had fun visiting The Bramble Bush in person! If you are just seeing this online, well, please stop by anytime! Our Bramble Bush is outside the building, and we do not have to be open for you to investigate this little world.