Open Studio Options (all include clay, glazes, and firing*) are available to practiced potters with previous experience. (Those who complete the Studio’s Pottery Basics Class are considered practiced.)

Unlimited Access  - $100 a month. It includes access to the Studio during business hours for one month. The studio is open 32 hours a week, Monday through Saturday.

Punch Card membership - one punch equals one hour spent in the studio. The Fifteen Hour punch card is $75.00.

  • The Thirty Hour punch card is $125.00.

  • Punch cards can be shared by more than one person: additional person must also have previous experience, have filled out registration and gone through studio orientation.

Walk-In Visit (for experienced potters) -  Three hour visit for $20.00; includes 5 lbs of clay. Take pieces with you at the end of the visit. Firing/glazing fees are extra.

Ages 18 and up.

Public shelves are available for punch card members.

Members can access the dvds and books at any time without using up punch card time.

Members can visit the studio anytime during regular business hours, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays.

Mondays are reserved for classes. No more than four pottery wheels will be used by the Studio for One Time Visits - there will be at least three wheels available for members at all times.

*We reserve the right to restrict the number of items that can be fired monthly by individual members.


Members will receive studio orientation. Policies and clean up procedures will be covered. Members will receive printouts of these policies.

Membership includes:

  • Bisque (cone 04) and glaze firing (cone 5/6)

  • Clay.

  • Use of underglazes and both dipped and brushed glazes

  • Use of pottery books and dvds; online connection to Youtube instructional videos.

  • Shelf space for storing work in progress.

  • Use of tools and surface decoration materials for both wheel thrown and handbuilt work.


Studio membership is not offered to production potters making large quantities of items for sale.

Membership is for age 18 and older.

Members are required to use only clay from Turning Clay.



Members are responsible for cleaning their work areas, wheels, and tools. 

Members should provide towels and aprons and take them home to clean.

Listening to music, etc., will be a personal option - bring your own headphones.

Members should be aware of the hazards of working with ceramic materials and moving parts on wheels and rollers.